Yes...Private Coaching Is For You!

Private coaching is more than just a phone call. At Tinglin Coaching & Consulting we focus on providing strategic support to help you BUILD, TRANSFORM, and ALIGN your business. We place focus on your goals, and Real Estate ambition. Coaching helps you reach your highest potential by figuring out exactly what you want and designing and taking strategic action to make it happen.

What's In It For you? 

  • Personalized strategy sessions, and tools to help you get clear on what you want, why you’re stuck, and what action steps you need to take
  • Support breaking down your big goals into manageable pieces
    • One-on-One coaching  sessions
    • Email access between sessions—for check-ins and support
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Processes to help you identify and break through the roadblocks that get in your way of success

Why do people decide to work with Shelyna?

The fact that you found your way here means you have that gut feeling that coaching may be right for you. My clients often tell me that they felt lost before working with me. They start because they want structure and results. I was a dual career 

Read about me, explore the site, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me by telephone or email. You can also click to learn more details about my coaching packages and training.

If you are ready to create the career, or life of your dreams, I am ready to help you.

The best way to find out if we’re a good fit is to schedule a Discovery Call.

This is a specially priced session that will help you to:

=> BUILD clarity on your goals and vision, so you know what you want and where you’re headed

=> TRANSFORM any challenges that could be slowing you down or sabotaging you

=> ALIGN your energy, motivation, and commitment to really make your goals happen.

=> AND get an overview of the process I use with my clients, which will give you a picture of the steps you need to take 


No matter what you’d like to change or achieve, this session is the perfect next step to get you there.

Not ready for private coaching just yet... No problem!

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6 Months Coaching Paid In Full

Access to Bi-Weekly coaching sessions with a week for energy building activities

Private mastermind sessions

Customized systems and tools 

Business planning session

Save $200



6 Monthly Coaching Payments

Access to Bi-Weekly coaching sessions with a week for energy building activities

Private mastermind sessions

Access to resources & Tools for growth

Business Plan Review





A Reboot is defined as starting over. When our computers or phones don't act right we reboot them to restore them back to what they were meant to do. This program was designed to allow you the opportunity START OVER! That means evaluating your goals, taking another look at your business plans, budget, growth plan and activities. This is called creating a life by design.

  • Email templates
  • Scripts
  • Partner accountability
  • Live mastermind sessions
  • Weekly assigned activities to keep you active and engaged

The reboot will only happen twice a year, so be sure you join the wait list as soon as possible!


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12 Months Coaching Paid In Full

When you take the leap to commit to a full year of coaching you receive everything from the 6 month program AND...

Access to coach via email

4 Quarterly content planning

Additional trainings

Access to masterminds with top real estate agents

Business Plan Assessment

Quarterly Business Plan Review


Group Coaching

You are a BIG deal to me so if your not ready for private one-on-one coaching I want to provide an opportunity to join our group coaching. 

Access to coach via email

1 Monthly group content planning session

2 Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

Accountability and more



Listing Mastery

 This course will provide checklist, samples and walk you through a smooth closing. Appointment to Close! Learn how to handle objections, and build a system as a successful listing agent. 

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Buyer Mastery

Enhance your buyer process, build a stellar buyer system and generating leads from each transaction. This course will guide you through templates, follow-up plans, and checklist which are all included. 

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What I Wish I Knew

Are you thinking of getting into Real Estate or hit some major walls. This book walks you through a number of topics agents which they would have known before they got started in Real Estate. 

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Part Time To Full Time Realtor

So your ready to take the big LEAP and jump from dual career to full time realtor? I'm sure your scared, anxious, ready, and you have a ton of questions. 


As a former dual career agent I bring to you the guide on how to get it done. I cover whens the right time to go, finances, the people and things you need to have in your life as you transition. 

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